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Technical service

  • Work out Corresponding Lighting Scheme

    I.With strong support from the technical team, various product and application problems can thus be solved.
    II. Deepen corresponding drawing to provide the best intelligent lighting scheme.
    III. Provide relevant requirements about accessories and structural materials.

  • Site Instruction

    I.Obtain Lighting Construction Qualification; relevant engineering technicians will be assigned for site instruction so as to guarantee the engineering’s progress and construction quality.
    II. Provide correct and complete technical services and training related to the product’s installation, performance assessment and acceptance.

  • Handle Customer Complaints and Suggestions

    I.7x24 Hours 400 Hot-line Service.
    II. For any product quality problem, corresponding response and solution are available within 48 hours.
    III. Within the warranty period, any damage caused by the product’s quality problem will be repaired and compensated.

  • Engineering Quality Follow-up

    I.Corresponding engineering’s situation will be checked and investigated through regular visits.
    II. Various problems will be spotted and resolved without delay.

Service Policy

7x24 Hours Hot-line Services include consultation before sales, in-process arrangement and after-sales complaint handling. Our company will always focus on the client’s need and the customer’s satisfaction, and has established a powerful customer service system supporting the company’s sustainable development in order to realize the harmonious development between the client and the company and create a win-win situation.