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Ocean LED Street Lights

  • Power: 60W-100W
  • Number: LY-SL1202


    CONSUlTATION +86-134-8017-4506

    ◆ Its light source has applied MLA(MICRO LENS ARRY) technology, featuring strong reliability, high lighting effect, little light failure, pure light color, long service life and stable performance; 

    ◆ Human-oriented design and modular design will extend the light’s power through increasing and decreasing corresponding module; 

    ◆Through applying the independently developed self-adaption rubber mass technology, “Zero Air” gap will thus be realized between the light source and the light-distribution lens, realizing a high light out-coupling efficiency and transmission without light loss; 

    ◆Excellent heat dissipation performance: various modules are made into fin-shape structure which will make use of the cross ventilation effect to quickly disperse the heat; meanwhile, the combining section between the radiator’s stand column and its bottom surface is very thin and will not collect the heat; thus, the rise in temperature will not exceed 10℃;

    ◆1-7 modules are available for your option based on the light’s power; 

    ◆ Wide temperature color range: 2200K-1300K (common indicators: 2600K/3000K/4000K/5000K);

    ◆ CRI: Ra>45-90;

    ◆ Styles and Colors for street lights are available for your option. 

     Electrical Specifications
    ModelPower( W )   Luminous Efficiency( lm /W) Size( mm ) N.W.(Kg)
     Mechanical Specifications
    CCT(K)2600K/3000K/4000K/5000KPower Factor>95%Power Efficiency87% ~ 93%
    CRI(RA)60/70/80/90IP GradeIP66LED Lifespan≥30000h/5years
    Working Environment-40℃~50℃,20%~90% H.R.Storage Temperature 



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